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Mr. Chandler


One Response to CWW

  1. A.V.C. says:


    Finaly the big day was comming we were going to go rafting it was going to be the best day ever. In the morning when I woke up the summer sun was bright and yellow. Then I went to eat breakfast table I was eating so fast the food was almost spilling out of my mouth. My mom got mad but I was so exited I continued eating fast. Finaly we went in the car my dad started talking about rafting when he was a kid he was saying way too much things so I politely asked him to stop talking. Then the big moment arrived we were going to go rafting. I wasn’t that exited any more when I saw the humongous waves crashing in to each other like bumper cars. Then we saw our guide he was short and skinny. Then he showed us how to raft it took a long time, but finaly we got our life jackets and went in the raft. I was very scared we were spinning and rocking like a hurricane waves crashed into us but finaly we arrived I was lucky I had an extra pare of clothes. Then we ate a peanutbutter and jelly sandwich and drank coke It was the best but scariest summer ever.

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