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G6 language Usage Class Goals

These are our class goals for Language Usage: Types of writing genres: Identify types of figurative language, and evaluate effectiveness of a Persuasive essay. Audience Purpose and Research: Identify the form of writing that is most appropriate for a given … Continue reading

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G6 2011-12 Simile, Metaphor, and Analogy (Roll of Thunder)

From your Double entry journal on Roll of Thunder, using the comment section, please post two examples of a simile and two examples of a metaphor. For extra credit, post at least one example of an analogy or an extended … Continue reading

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G6 Reading Goals Fall 2011

G6 Reading Class Goals: Summaries that Contain the Main Ideas and Details: Locate and paraphrase information found in a literary and informational texts. Make and Confirm Logical Predictions About Text: Make inferences using information in literary and informational texts. Use … Continue reading

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