2 Responses to COMMUNITY

  1. FN says:

    BEST SUMMER EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I was really excited about going rafting at Kangaba. I told my self it would be the best day of summer. berfore we go to Kangaba my mom was making snack and helping my sister get dressed. while i was helping my dad pack up the things we will need for rafting,he started telling me a lot about rafting. wow my dad knows a lot about rafting i wish i could know a lot about rafting too. After twenty minutes later. everyone finshed packing up as soon as i got in the car my hands were trembling of excitement,my stomach is felling weirdand i fell like jumping up and dowen.After 40 miinuts we finally arirved to kangaba as soon as i stept out of the car i became scared but i did not tell anyone pretended that i was brave and not scared soon we started rafting my small sister was not scared but i was. i was yelling my lungs out, but at the end i liked it.for lunch i ate a sandwich and i drank sprite.Even if my sister was making fun of me iam still happy because i still had a lot of fun.i said to my self that i cant wait to present this script to the class and show this to Mr.Chandler.


  2. Abdul and Fingal says:

    I was really excited,this was going to be the best day of the summer because I was going to go rafting with my family. I was so excited that I jumped up and hit my head on the ceiling. (Oh I forgot to tell you I’m tall). So we arrived at the River of Milk, it is called that way because people assume the white water as milk. When we got to the river it roared as if saying “You better not raft on me”. But I was going to, which made me scared. As I put my life jacket on I felt safer but was still scared. My legs shook like a vibrating phone. We went through a series of twists and turns,then came to a waterfall. As we slowed up to the peak it felt like time had stopped. And when we zoomed down I fell out the raft, and to tell you the truth it was awesome. After getting back into the raft and back on land, my family found anice shade under a ripe looking tree to have a picnic. My mom made sandwiches and we drank coke. It was the best day of summer.

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