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HW_ April 1 (this is no joke)

1. You will have a quiz over East and Central Asia maps. This is a pre-test and if you do well you will not have to take it again. 2. Keep working on your personal time-line. In class you came … Continue reading

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Ancient Civilization Timelines

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FL_SYMB_Understanding Symbolism in Literature

Understanding Symbolism in Literature Examples of the Use of Symbolism in Poe, Hawthorne, Fitzgerald Feb 9, 2010 Vickie Britton Understanding symbolism deepens the meaning and enhances the reading of many great literary works including short stories, novels and poetry. Symbolism … Continue reading

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Dear Dr. Scope by lnan

894 Borth Avenue Marine, Kula 51896 March 22, 2011 Mr. Micro Scope Dhip 123 Yama, DF 5845 Dear Dr. Scope: I understand that you are working on a new invention to make people live for an extreme old age. I … Continue reading

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“Flag” Leena’s poem

In to My Head Out of My Mouth By Leena Nankani In class we got a book called The Flag of Childhood We were to read the whole book As I opened the book and started to read The poems … Continue reading

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Japanese Creation Myth

Japanese Creation Myth Long ago all the elements were mixed together with one germ of life. This germ began to mix things around and around until the heavier part sank and the lighter part rose. A muddy sea that covered … Continue reading

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Japan-Time Line Example-Earthquakes

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