HS Virtual Jazz: Elements of Jazz- Assignment + Final Project Test Option

1. Download the following PDF Jazz in America Glossary. The information on this PDF is the same as on the Jazz in America Glossary Post https://the24hourtala.wordpress.com/2012/05/30/8-hs-virtual-jazz-elements-of-jazz/. Please review this well. This is essential vocabulary for talking about music.

Download the following PDF on “Jazz Improvisation/Conversation Analogy Sheet.” Read through it to get the idea of the analogy. HS Virtual Jazz- Conversation_Improvisation

2. Make sure you have reviewed the following posts on improvisation, rhythm and general swing feel, sounds and instruments associated with Jazz, Harmony, and form. Here are the links to those posts.



Sounds and Instruments:https://the24hourtala.wordpress.com/2012/05/30/hs-virtual-jazz-sounds-and-instruments/



3. Click on the following link and listen to “Songs of My Father,” by Horace Silver.


Here is a youtube video of the same song.

Assignment: Based on what you have learned about improvisation, rhythm and general swing feel, sounds and instruments associated with Jazz, Harmony, and form, talk about how and where those elements are present in this piece of music. Please be specific.


So, your final projects are due next week, on Tuesday at the latest. It would be great if I could get them this week even. I need to see the rough draft on Friday at the latest. I have a feeling some of you are behind on this. It’s just a feeling. So I’m going to give you a second option for completing the course. Based on what you’ve learned so far, in this post and in previous posts, I’m going to give you a summative test that can count as your project grade, which is 20 percent of your fourth quarter grade. If you opt to take the test, you can download it here. Put your answers on a word doc. in a way that is clear, attach to an email and send. The test is long, but it might be a good option for some of you.

HS Virtul Jazz_Final Project_Test Option

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5 Responses to HS Virtual Jazz: Elements of Jazz- Assignment + Final Project Test Option

  1. junior says:

    This Song is really Organized ( it was not made in 10 minutes or something)
    the song seems like 2 civilized arguing in a respectful.

  2. Ariel says:

    In ‘A song for my father” all the components are present. Starting with the improvisation, which is mainly found in the solos, You dont notice it much, because it fits in very well, but it is there with the saxophone. It has a steady, flowing rhythm which can keep you in a happy mood. Its a casual type of song that you can listen to at night to chill out. It has a very clear and clean sound, and you can clearly distinguish most of the instruments. The saxophone and the piano seem to be the dominant ones, but there is also a drumset, and other percussion. The song has an AAB form and a nice tenor sax solo.

  3. Nana says:

    All these different aspects are present in this song:

    Improvisation: I’m pretty sure we wouldn’t notice it if we didn’t know but whenever the artist goes solo, because of the genre, we know that he’s improvisiving and it blends in very well with the saxophone. In the definition of improv it says the artist has to be good with an instrument so for sure improv is present here.

    Sounds and instruments: As Ariel said, it’s very easy to distinguish the different instruments and in fact saxophone and piano seem to be dominant, along with others like the drumset. It flows very nicely and the sounds blend in together so it doesn’t sound awkward.

    Harmony: There is definitely harmony here. In the definition it says mostly the pianists and guitarists do this and here as I mentioned previously the piano is present and it blends in nicely, making it complementary.

    Form: As we saw on the other page and as Ariel said it has an AAB form.

    Basically this song has all these aspects and it’s a great one.

  4. Anna Dembele says:

    Although there IS surely improvisation here and we can sense it because we know that jazz IS all about improvisation, it’s still hard to tell, because the musician needs to be able to play the instrument well, understand the music theory, and be familiar with different styles.

    We see some repetition in the chord progression and the form is AAB. Although there is harmonization throughout the whole song a vivid example is from 0:40 to 0:49. There are two trumpets playing the same notes but on different keys. One low the other higher.

    As Nana and Ariel said, we can see different instruments such as the trumpet and saxophone. They’re distinguishable yet they all fit like a puzzle. The head (melody statement) is also very visible in the beginning and end because of its distinguishing tone from the rest of the music until the end.

    Another really big aspect of jazz that we see here is the swing. From the beginning (the head) until the end, we’re still in the mood of tapping our feet and nodding our heads.

  5. Ike says:

    This song honestly made me get up and move to it because it was so well done the arrangements, I could basically tell what was coming next since it’s so harmonous and has a very triggering intro to it. The rythm in this song is the best component incrusted in the song which gives it a strong base and head it included a couple chords and a great swing. The form I wasn’t quite sure how to formulate it but it seems to be an AAB and I did recommend this song to my parents. As for the ending it has a good enbrochure and ending part which gives you this feeling of listening to it again!

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