Overdoing It- Eleven, Comparative Literature Part II

Journal Assignment 50 points: Due Tuesday, May 29th. In order to get full points, your journal should be well written. You need to pay attention to all writing six traits.  Put your entry in the comment section of this post. Please edit before posting. You will get up to 40 points for your own entry, if it is well done, and ten points for commenting on your classmate’s entries.

Write about a time when you were scared. In the story Overdoing it, the surveyor finds himself in an environment that is unfamiliar to him. He was a stranger in an unfamiliar environment, and was not used to the vast, open spaces. His fear got the better of him. Have you ever found yourself in an unfamiliar environment and let your imagination get the better of you?

Write a story about a time you were really scared.

By the end of the day, I will post your vocab, grammar, and spelling assignment, as well as your social studies and writing. These will be your final assignments for the year. Next week, Monday and Tuesday, will be for make-up.

Overdoing It, and Eleven

Literary Analysis

Characterization: Direct and Indirect

With Direct Characterization, the author tells readers about the character. With Indirect Characterization, the author reveals characters through speech and actions.

 1. On a chart like the one shown, identify some of the key details of characterization for each character.

Character Words Thoughts Actions
Mrs. Price      

2. Describe each character in your own words:

3. Which character from these 2 stories seemed the most believable?

4. In which story did you learn more about the character, and why?

Vocabulary Development

Spelling Strategy:

Sometimes, the r sound is spelled wr, as in wry. For each word below, write the homophone, another word that sounds the same but has a different meaning and spelling, that begins with wr.

1. rap

2. ring

3. rest

4. right

5. rye

Fluency: Sentence Completions

1. Copy each sentence on your paper. Use one of the following words to complete each one. Use your dictionary, there are good ones on-line, if you don’t know the meaning of the following words. These words were found in Overdoing It, and Eleven.

ProlongedMeditatedEmaciated, Wry, Foresee, Emerged

 1. The hungry dog looked ________.

2. The ceremony was ________ by lengthy speeches.

3. He made a ________ face.

4. The butterfly ________ from its cocoon.

5. The professor ________ on the question.

6.  I cannot ________ the future.

Grammar Lesson

Subordinate Clauses

A subordinate clause is a group of words that has a subject and a verb, but cannot stand alone as a sentence. It is dependent on an independent clause to complete its meaning.

Subordinate clauses usually begin with words such as who, which, that, after, because, before, when, and until. In the following examples, the subordinate clauses are shown in italics. Notice that they do not express a complete thought.

“You may find some peasants over there who haul passengers.

When papa comes home from work, we will eat cake.  

Practice: Copy these sentences on your paper. Underline the subordinate clause in each sentence.

1. It was dusk, when the wagon left the station.

2. He’s noticed already that I’m scared.

3. It takes a few days before you say eleven.

4. She was not upset until she saw the letter.

5. After Rachel left school, she went home.

Complete the following sentences with a subordinate clause.

6. The wagon lurched forward (because) ________.

7. Kim had (until) ________.

8. It was clear ________.

Writing Lesson

Character Description

A character description is a written sketch of a character. It conveys a main impression about a character by focusing on his or her major traits. Write a character description about one of the characters from “Overdoing It” or “Eleven.”

If you like, you may come up with your own character, either real or imagined.

Prewriting:  Choose your character, and then review the story and find his or her three main character traits. Once again, you can also pick a character from another story you’ve read, or even a real person from your own life. Use a web like the one below to organize your thoughts.

1. Choose a character. (The character can be from Eleven, Overdoing It, or a character that you like from another story you’ve read. It can also be someone from your own life.)

2. Scan over the stories, and identify three main character traits.

3. Continue to scan, or re-read, to find supporting information for each trait, things the character says, thinks, or does, or other information given by the author.

Drafting: Write your description, discussing the three traits you listed. Include brief quotations as part of the evidence that illustrates your point.

Revising: Make sure you have provided evidence for all three traits. Then, proofread for spelling, grammar, and mechanics. The graphic organizer below should help you.





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30 Responses to Overdoing It- Eleven, Comparative Literature Part II

  1. G.K says:

    The time I was really scared was when I was eleven years old in Uganda,
    I was at my Nabors house playing video games .We stopped playing for a minute or two, and suddenly we decided to talk about ghosts and jinn. We told each other stories and then we went the computer and started watching scary videos, and we saw this video of people taking pictures and the pictures came out with ghosts, I was a bit scared, and then the computer screen went black and i was like what is going on and then suddenly we heard a loud scream from the computer I was so scared that I ran outside while screaming and then I told my Nabor that something is wrong with your computer, we went back in to check his computer and we saw that the scream was part of the video, we started laughing and and making fun of the way we were screaming.

  2. F-D says:

    The time i was really scared of something was when my brother played a joke on me. It was halloween and i didn’t feel like doing anything. So my brother came in the house and said it’s halloween let’S go watch some scary movies, and he knew the movie that i was scared was chucky. When we started watching the movie, i was really into the movie. Then he got out of the room and banged the door, i called him i though that chucky came and killed him. I was screaming like hell then my brother took one of my teddy bears and threw at me. As soon as it touched me, i came to the door screaming and then he opened the door, and i ran to my mom. But they told me to watch a movie on the computer, it was one of those movies when someone comes out with a mask and screams. I screamed then i went directly to my room trying to sleep but i couldn’t. So i turned the light on and then i fell asleep. But I’m going to make him pay one day.

  3. A.V.C says:

    A time I was very scared was in Bamako when I watched the Grudge It’s a movie about these white creatures that come out of white walls I got completely freaked out it was the scariest movie I ever watched, When I finished watching the movie I noticed that the walls of my house were white so I got very scared I thought that the Grudge would come out of the wall and kill me so I hid under the covers thinking that they would protect me but It was hot under my covers and I was thirsty and wanted to drink water but I was too scared to drink water so then I screamed as hard as I could and my mom ran into the room with my brother and I told her every thing that happened while my brother was laughing at me she told me that it was just a movie and calmed me down then my made got me a cup of water. Later I watched behind the scenes of that movie and I saw that nothing was real finally I wasn’t scared anymore, but I am still never going to watch that movie.

  4. A.G says:

    The time that I was really scared was in ghana on halloween day. I watched Chucky with my Cousins and they were all freaked out but I wasn’t. I started to tease them about how they are scardey cats. In the night after supper I saw that my cousins were acting strange because they kept staring at me. So when I went to our room I saw that there was a chucky doll on my bed and it startted taliking, it sounded just like my cousin! So I called his name and asked him to stop but soon noticed tthat no one was there. When I turned around I saw that someone was wearing the costume of the guy from friday the 13th. I ran and he ran after me. I found a hiding place and hid there, but it wasn’t long until another friday the 13th dude showed up. there I felt like I would faint and as soon as I was about to scream for my mom’s help I saw that they removed their masks reveiling to be my cousins. I asked them why they had to give me such a fright, and they told me that it was pay back for calling them chickens when watching Chucky.

  5. susannah says:

    A time I was really scared, was about 3 weeks ago. I was in Mali and was having a great time (kind of ). Then on Sunday Carla’s parents invited my family over. We left home about three o’clock with the driver. As we were leaving my dad asked the driver if we needed to bring our passports in case of anything, my driver said no , so we continued. We didn’t see any military or anything so the ride there was ok. Then as we almost got to the house a guy wearing black, and holding a gun comes out of the bush, all kinds of swearing goes through the car. The guy approaches the car and then talks to the driver in bambara, we all look at the driver expectantly. The driver says to my dad that the guy is from the military and wants to see my dads identification, but he left it at home since the driver said he didn’t think that we needed it. So the guy asked my dad to step down, and come inside a house with him since they were looking for a black guy and wanted to make sure that it’s not dad. But then a member of the police came and told him that it wasn’t my dad, in the end we had to go back home, but it was better than all the other trouble we could have gone through. But let me tell you I was scared to death!!!

  6. N.B.L says:

    The time when I was really scared.

    It was late at night and I just came into the house from playing street baseball with my friends. I took my bat, baseballmit, and my baseball and put it into my closet. I went and took a shower and after I was done I put on P. J’s. I was done with all my chores so I went down stairs to the living room I was tired so I threw my whole body into the couch and then I reached for the remote and turned it on, I had just remember that there was going to be a new goose bumps movie today so I turned it to the right channel the movie had already started and I was kind of in the middle of the movie. It was time for me to go to bed and after watching the movie I was scared to say the truth.

    When I was about to go to bed I asked my mom I could sleep with her in her bed and she said I was to old to sleep with her. That’s when I got really scared so I did everything to go to bed but it didn’t work. It was all dark except for the light coming from the window. Right when I was about to go to bed I heard a bang from my closet that’s when I freaked out I wasn’t scared of the closet any more had the closet monster come to get me for nothing I hadn’t done anything and then there was another bang followed with a whisper saying “ I want your soul ” I screamed for God all mighty to come save me and at that moment I had just peed on my bed I got out of bed so fast that I hit my head on my desk and then I tripped over my bag pack that I left on the floor hitting my door I opened it ran to my parents’ bedroom door and that’s when I heard ooh ahh and I was like oh my god I opened the door and it was just a movie that they were watching with some people oohing and ahhing over someone flying. They asked me what I was doing awake and I had school tomorrow. So I told them what had happened and then they came in my room and looked around and my mom looked at my bed and said a had a bad dream and I was just scared when I peed on myself and I said no just open the closet and find out for your self so my dad went to the closet and opened it with caution my two bats and my voice recorder fell down oh jeez that was it I was expecting a zombie to jump out and try to kill as all but no it wasn’t and from that day on I was scared of the closet again.

  7. TS says:

    A time when I was scared was when the school had a really scary haunted house. It was the scariest haunted house I have ever been in. When you got in there were flashing lights and you never knew when somebody would jump out at you. At one part of the maze people started grabbing your feet and pulling you backwards. I was really scared and started frantically stomping on the hands. The last thing before we went out of the maze was a mannequin holding a bowl that said “FREE CANDY”. I reached for a piece but suddenly the “mannequin” grabbed my arm and I realized it was a person. I screamed, jerked free and ran to get out of the maze. When we got out people were catching their breaths and even crying. I was glad that I was not the only one that was scared, but I will never forget that haunted house, and whenever I think of this haunted house, I think of all those poor volunteers who had to have their hands stomped on again, and again, and again.

  8. prchandler says:

    This is Jesse’s. I re-posted it because he had originally posted Gael’s response.
    One time that I was scared was when I was in Uganda. I had just read a Tintin book and one of the characters looked scary to me at the time. Unfortunately for me I had read the book right before I had to go to bed. As I crawled in bed my eyes started playing tricks on me and everything that I saw in the darkness took the shape of that on character. I tried to tell myself that it was just a story and that I was safe. That helped none. Finally I got so scared that I was about to run to my mom’s room, but I had a problem. I was too scared to even get out of bed!!!!!!!! I started to scream my mom’s name until she bursts in with a look of terror on her face. She calmed me down and stayed with me until I fell asleep. That was the worst night if my life.

  9. Johan says:

    The time that I was really scared I was in Senegal. I had 5 years old. One of my grand brothers made a surprise. He had 12 years old.
    He bought a mask of ghost .with this mask, he bought a big false knife and he put a shirt and a black pants. After, he went in my bedroom and go inside my wardrobe. At this time I was in the TV room and I saw my brother of 8 year old to see a scared film of ghost. So, I stayed in the area for watching the film and when I went in my bedroom my grand brother went out of the wardrobe and say “HOUHAHAHAHHA”.
    I was really scared and I hide in a room near of my bedroom. Since this fear, I remember this story every time when I enter in room without light.

  10. A.J.H says:

    The time i was scared was now. I saw the grudge and was scared to go into my room I slept in my parents room for a while, until I got over it. i would get nightmares and imagine stupids things like, “What if she gets me, and What id=f she finds me” My dad rminded me that before I wanted my own room, but I was like no way i’m going to sleep with my little brother. This was late becasue I had no idea what to write, and now after watching a movie, i got scared out of my life. I’ve watched other freaky movies, but they didn’t give me that much thoughts about it.

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